About It

Play Angel is a play. It’s a play about indecision, innocent blood, and heavenly rewards. And a play that uses the techniques of song, acrobatics, puppetry, vogue, and wigs to tell its


Formicah doesn’t suffer from ir fuzzy identity or ill-conceived belief system, but ee does feel uncomfortable (“itchy” is a better word). Especially after ee has a little accident involving a forbidden fig and a suspicious Whole Foods employee. In Formicah’s search for sooth, ee flies from fingers pointing blame to stickier fingers pointing towards a salvation seven layers deep. Losing blood, hope, and focus on the way, Formicah miraculously gets to the bottom (or top, depending on your perspective) only to be crushed by the sweeping consequences of ir tiny mess. Ee has unknowingly ingested the cosmic burden accumulating beneath the vibrant skins of poisonous figs and other organics, seeping into the soil and nurturing a not quite vegetal re-Creation.

And it’s a play featuring the rapturous resonances of
The 20 Digit Orchestra

And a riproarin ritual by

Play Dates


12 October – Sunday – Pittsburgh, PA
Belvedere’s – 7pm
4016 Butler St

15 October – Wednesday – Philadelphia, PA
Adobe Cafe – 9pm
1919 E Passyunk Ave

16 October – Thursday – New Brunswick, NJ
Circuit City – 9pm

17 October – Friday – Brooklyn, NY
Bohemian Grove
64-66 Grove Street

19 October – Provincetown, MA
Ross’ Apartment – 7pm
Apt 7
24 Pearl Street

22 October – Wednesday – Syracuse, NY
Rugby House – 730 pm
862 Ackerman Ave

23 October – Thursday – Buffalo, NY
387 Franklin St

Dinner and a Show:
Friday 29 August (raindate Monday 1 September)
6:00 p.m.
3117 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA
A backyard premier with thematically appropriate culinary creations by the players, and boozy punches by Kayla!
Limited seats (20)! Reserve your name in the Book of Life aka Guest List by e-mailing

A Show:

Sunday 31 August
4:00 p.m.
The New Bohemian, Pittsburgh, PA
No reservations, no dinner, no drinks, no money. jk, plz bring a little bit. jkjk, there’ll be drinks 4 cheap.

Wanna help us set up a show and we don’t know you, or you just want to email us? In case it’s lost up there the email is:
******** playangeltheplay@gmail.com ********